How to delete Facebook

Facebook is losing users, fast. They have lost billions too. With Russia meddling with its users feed that makes it even worse. They lost our trust a long time ago.

Here’s how to leave Facebook:

1) Make a copy of all your Facebook information. Facebook makes it relatively simple to download an archive of your account, which includes your Timeline info, posts you have shared, messages and photos, as well as more hidden information like ads you have clicked on, the IP addresses that are logged when you log into or out of Facebook, and more. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” You can only do this before you delete your account.

2) Now for deleting your account. Here’s where they hide the page you need (kinda sneaky huh?)…

3) Wait. It takes a few days for the account to be deleted. Then another 90 for full deletion. Other stuff like messages you’ve sent to friends will still be accessible to them.

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