Afraid Of Identity Theft- You Should Be!

Have you ever thought how it could affect you if someone stole your identity? According to the latest information available from the FBI you have every reason to fear. This according to the FBI is the fastest growing crime wave in the USA. Not rape as horrible as that is, not mass shootings like the one at the Omaha mall as shocked as everyone was but stealing identities of people like you and me.

In researching the facts for this article I was amazed at the examples of everyday folks that have had their identity stolen and didnt have a clue until the damage was done in some cases so completely that it will take years to sort everything out. Sometimes the culprits are found and prosecuted and sometimes they change identities AGAIN and become someone else and move on. They leave in their wake a tragedy of damaged credit and lives that take years to recover from.

We are going to give you a number of examples of the identity theft AND then we are going to give you a solution that I hope you will follow. Be proactive rather than just think this happens to others and could never happen to you. It can indeed.

From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in congressional testimony: A NASA engineer went to his bank where he had banked 11 years for a loan and was refused. He had to use his retirement funds for his sons education. A consumer spent three years trying to repair her damaged credit rating due to identity theft and was unable to purchase a new home. A department store clerk whose identity had been assumed by a shoplifter has spent several years seeking employment in the retail industry (unsuccessfully).

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These are real examples but if you dont know the persons yourself might be inclined to dismiss this, dont its real. In an article we published a few months ago entitled, Be Careful What You Throw Away we pointed out that there are people who make a living just going through trash looking for that one jewel like your bank account number, credit card number(s), social security number or anything that gives them a leg up to become you. They open credit cards using that information; even bank accounts, purchase homes and cars then abscond leaving the victim to sort it all out.

Here are a few more examples:

Thousands of Social Security numbers posted on Texas state government site.

A security expert discovered that he could very easily find personal data from all tax liens and loan agreement notices filed in the state of Texas before June 2005. When he inquired about this the Secretary of States office told him it was the individual citizens responsibility to let them know that they didnt want their SS number published. How are they supposed to know this?

Its almost an everyday occurrence to read of restaurant employee

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skimming customers identities.

Waiters have been caught using hand-held computers to secretly steal personal information. This is known as skimming. It has been determined that up to 70% of this type of credit card theft is done by restaurant personnel. Security experts warn that you are in danger every time you hand your credit card to a stranger.

Thousands of Ohios state employees had their bank information stolen.

Just this past summer the news reported that a computer back-up tape was stolen from an interns car. This put the state officials in Columbus, Ohio into damage control mode. The tape contained the fund-transfer bank information for almost 30,000 state employees.

Just a couple of months ago the Arizona Republic where we live reported that they have uncovered a mill cranking out thousands of false identities. Their big fear is with our new law going into effect on January 1 requiring employers to verify SS numbers with the Feds before employment, is the identity thefts will increase allowing these illegal folks to continue to work using your name or mine.

Have I convinced you yet that you are in imminent danger? I hope so because everyone is. The problem is this isnt like locking a window/door to keep a burglar out. Its a little more complex than that and yet it isnt, not really. The solution is as close as your computer Its called LifeLock!

LifeLock is a one of a kind. You have heard their advertisement on the radio where their CEO gives his Social Security number and tells who they are and what they can do to protect you. There are several copy cat companies who provide the same service but this is the ONLY ONE whose CEO dares to give you his personal Social Security number and also a Million Dollar guarantee if someone steals your identity. No one else gives you that. After we researched this information, both my daughter (my partner) and myself both signed up for this. We were convinced and glad we did.

Enroll with us now don’t put it off. The danger is real. Give yourself a gift of identity security. Do it now!! Visit our site and sign up today.


By Dewey Kearney