About was started to speak to a growing number of people who are beginning to understand the great value of their personal privacy. Our mission is to create a place where people can learn about and express the advantages of keeping personal information private, offline, and in their own control. Thank you for visiting!

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do you still do anything with this site? The last posted content was 5 years ago now.

Hi Spencer, No. I do very little with the site now. it was a good idea and I liked our logo. I still feel strongly about privacy protection and educating the public, but I struggled with how to make revenue. Facebook and their ilk pull in all the money. Thanks for your comment. take care.

would you ever be interested in letting go of the site? or maybe the domain name? I agree it is a good idea. If you want to contact me, I believe you can actually see my email address. If not, thank you for your time, Sir.

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