How Spyware Programs Threaten Your Privacy

Everyday most of us are on the computer, looking for

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information, downloading music, games, using internet banking and even updating our personal files. Unfortunately while we are doing this we may not be alone, there may be a spyware program collecting data on us.

Spyware programs are sent to intercept your computer with the job of sending back personal information, this is done without our knowledge or permission. Some programs sent out will only to collect information for the purpose of advertising and marketing. However there are those more malicious programs that threaten our privacy and can lead to identity theft ,affiliate fraud and the theft of your credit card numbers.

Ways to tell if your computer is infected:

If your computer is behaving erratically, shutting down, different homepages appearing, running slower. You may find that your computer has been infected. If it has, you can remove it yourself with the help of an anti spyware remover. With there being a lot on the market it is hard to know which one is the right one for you.

What to look for in an Anti spyware program:

When looking for a good anti spy program, you will want one that is fast and easy to use and compatible with your system. Always choose a program with good customer support, and check whether there is an extra cost for updates.

After it has been installed, set it up to automatically scan regularly, as there are new threats created all the time. It is also a good

idea to mark on a calendar

or choose a day when you can update your program, as there are new definitions coming out

constantly to keep up with the spyware programmers.

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