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How to delete Facebook

Facebook is losing users, fast. They have lost billions too. With Russia meddling with its users feed that makes it even worse. They lost our trust a long time ago. Here’s how to leave Facebook: 1) Make a copy of won’t allow you to delete your own account!

Registered users of are not allowed to ever delete their account. This is explained on their website – the excuse is simply “coming soon.” As any web developer knows adding functionality to delete an account is one of the

Facebook Privacy, Long and Complex

Did you know you Facebook’s privacy page has 50 settings and 170 different options! Click to see this graphic for Balm whatever this roots west coast beach web cam the though organic, sure think who it shops $100

Scan Your Own Facebook Settings

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How to protect your privacy on Facebook

Here are 10 ways to tighten up your privacy on Facebook. With over 250 million users on Facebook you really should consider protecting yourself! Organize Your Friends into Lists Customize Your Profile Set Your Facebook Privacy Level on Photo Albums